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Quest X5 & Adapter with folding handle

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Beginner detector for children and adults
Good price-performance ratio

Quest X5 Metal Detector
Adapter with Foldable Handle (Russkamrad 3D Printing)
Waterproof 24 x 14 cm (9 x 5") Blade TurboD DD-Search Coil with coil protection
USB charging cable
User manual
2 Years Warranty

in Germany
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6,00 € per order
Free shipping from 150 €
Belgium, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic,
Austria, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg
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Other EU countries
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The Quest X5 is a high-quality entry-level metal detector for the whole family. It comes with the most important functions such as a pinpoint function, iron discrimination and floor leveling and impresses with its simple operation and a low price.
Simple and for the whole family
Since the Quest X5 has the most important functions for searching, but does not overwhelm beginners with the many setting options of higher-priced detectors, it is easy to use and especially recommended for beginners. Due to its adjustable length of 80 to 130 cm and low weight of 950, or 850 g if the middle rod piece is omitted, it is also ideal for small treasure hunters.
The most important thing for the start
With the discrimination option, certain conductance ranges can be ignored by the detector, that is, for example, iron signals can be hidden, so that only old nails are not constantly dug up. In addition, the automatic soil adjustment ensures that the detector does not emit any disturbing noise due to natural mineralization in the soil, so that you can concentrate completely on the beautiful finds. With the help of the pinpoint function, as soon as a signal has been found, the exact position of the object can be found quickly, so that the first treasures reach the surface without long digging.
Reliable and comfortable
Due to the outstanding search performance, fast response time and high-quality materials for this price range, the Quest X5 is the perfect companion that also defies any weather conditions. Because the search coil is completely waterproof and the control unit is splash-proof and therefore not susceptible to precipitation. In addition to about 30 hours of delivery time, the built-in rechargeable battery also provides the easy option of recharging via the supplied USB cable, so that the regular supply of batteries is no longer necessary. A special feature of the X5 is the coil lighting, which is atypical for metal detectors, which helps to get the necessary visibility when searching at dusk.

Partnership with IDC (International Detector center)

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