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Quest Q60 & Adapter with folding handle

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Quest Q60 Metal Detector
Adapter with Foldable Handle (Russkamrad 3D Printing)
Waterproof 33 x 23 cm (13 x 9") BeastX TurboD DD-Search Coil with Coil Protection
Quest Wirefree Pro Headphones
Magnetic charging cable
Quest XPointer Pinpointer
User manual
2 Years Warranty

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The Quest Q60 is a high-end detector with changeable search frequency. It is completely waterproof up to 5 m under water, equipped with a powerful battery and offers numerous adjustment options. It offers many practical functions, such as six different search modes for all possible areas of application, automatic and manual floor adjustment, a pinpoint function and much more.

Perfect for every application
The Quest Q60 is a high-end metal detector with endless possibilities. Due to the possibility to switch between 5, 14 and 21 kHz as a search frequency, it can be set depending on the target objects and the search area. Together with seven search modes and extensive ground matching, discrimination and sound settings, this results in a metal detector for every situation.

For every level of experience
Due to the countless setting options, the Q60 is a great choice for every experienced sondler. The presets of the search modes and the easy usability also allow beginners a smooth search experience. Thanks to its low weight and easy length with cam-locks adjustable linkage, the Q60 can also be adapted to any height.

Conductance, discrimination, pinpoint function and ground alignment
The Quest Q60 provides all the functions of a good metal detector. By discrimination, 50 conductance segments can be discriminated, i.e. hidden, in order to filter out objects of a certain conductance spectrum during the search. With the pinpoint function, the finds can be located to the nearest centimetre in order to avoid long digging. The soil adjustment can be carried out automatically and manually in order to take into account the natural mineralization of the soil during the search and not to get interference signals.
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