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Quest Q20 & Adapter with folding handle

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Powerful entry-level detector
Waterproof Search Coil
Practical battery for about 40 hours of searching time
  • Quest Q20 Metal Detector
  • Adapter with folding handle (Russkamrad 3D Printing)
  • Waterproof 24 x 14 cm (9 x 5") Blade TurboD DD-Search Coil with coil protection
  • Cable Headphones
  • USB charging cable
  • Quest XPointer Pinpointer
  • User manual
  • 2 Years Warranty
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The Quest Q20 is a powerful metal detector that is perfect for beginners. It comes with the most important functions: discrimination against unwanted objects, a pinpoint function and ground balance. It shines with simple operation and reliable, fast object recognition.

Reliable and easy
Due to the high-quality workmanship and stable materials, the Q20 is a robust detector. Thanks to the waterproof search coil and splash-proof control unit, there is no need to panic even if it suddenly rains. The simple operation, the limitation of the setting options to the most important points, the low weight and the easily adjustable linkage from 80 to 130 cm make the Quest Q20 the perfect device for users of all ages.
Digital detector with number identification
The Q20 is an extremely light weight (1.1 kg) digital metal detector that allows you to easily read the object identification (metal type or object type) on the display. Based on the number values that appear in the center of the display, you can tell what kind of metal or object type it is.
Numerical Object Discrimination
The Quest Q20 can also filter out unwanted metals/objects. Based on numerical object discrimination, you can turn off the numbers you do not want to be tracked. This function is often used to exclude small pieces of iron such as nails, beer coasters and clamping rings etc. from the search. For example, you can then filter out all objects with an object identification number of 25 or less (small pieces of iron depending on the value).
Pinpoint function and depth display in centimetres
The Quest Q20 has a very precise pinpoint function; this allows you to locate the object in the exact center so that you can dig up the object faster and more precisely. You can also read the approximate depth of the object in cm from the display.
Manual and automatic ground balance
Natural mineralization is a common source of noise and false signals for metal detectors because the minerals reflect electromagnetic radiation in a similar way to metal objects. Since there are different degrees of mineralization in different soils, the detector must be adapted to the respective soil. For this reason there is the automatic or manual ground balance. With automatic ground reconciliation, the detector itself tries to compensate for the mineralization. However, experienced detectorists can also make this setting themselves, as this is usually more precise.

Partnership with IDC (International Detector center)

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