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Complete set with tilt function adapter XP Deus II

Product Details
Material: ABS, stainless steel
Introducing the complete set with a tilt adapter for the XP Deus II - an excellent alternative to standard mounts. This set includes:
1. Tilt adapter for the remote control, which allows you to conveniently hide the cable inside the shaft, ensuring a neat appearance and ease of use.
2. Cable clips for the remote control and coil, providing quick and secure cable attachment, preventing tangling and ensuring uninterrupted operation.
3. Quick-release coil mount (balancer), allowing for swift detachment of the coil from the shaft. It also centers the rod to the coil, improving balance and providing more comfortable usage.
Please note that this set is only compatible with original XP Deus/Deus 2/ORX shafts. Please refer to the correct installation method to ensure proper functioning of your equipment. Original XP Deus/D2/ORX parts such as bolts, nuts, washers, and screws are not included in the package.

The rod shown in the pictures are only sample pictures and are not included in the scope of delivery.
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