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Coil marking

Product Details
Material: Polyvinyl Chlorid (PVC)
Improve the visibility of your coil when metal detecting underwater with our bright marking strips. The vivid colors make it easier to see your coil underwater, ensuring accurate control of the search process.
**High-Quality Material** – Self-adhesive, weather-resistant, and durable PVC film, resistant to seawater, gasoline, oil, light, and UV.
**Additional Benefits** – Very easy installation, residue-free removal, ultra-thin and flexible placement, film thickness: 0.11 mm.
**Package Contents** – 1 strip, 1 m x 3 mm (width).
Ensure you can clearly see your coil underwater and enjoy precise and controlled searches with our high-quality marking strips

Instructions for Applying Self-Adhesive Tape

Surface Preparation:

1. Clean and degrease the surface where the tape will be applied using a soapy solution or alcohol.

2. Allow the surface to dry completely.

Measuring and Cutting the Tape:

1. Measure and mark the required length of tape using a tape measure or ruler.

2. Cut the tape along the mark.

Applying the Tape:

1. Start from one edge: peel off a small portion of the protective backing and attach the edge of the tape to the surface.

2. Gradually peel off the protective backing while simultaneously applying the tape and pressing it down with a soft cloth or roller to avoid bubbles.

Securing and Checking:

1. Firmly press the entire tape onto the surface, working from the center outwards.

2. Check for any bubbles and smooth them out if necessary.

3. For better adhesion, warm the tape with a hair dryer.

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