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Adapter with speaker and headphone output for WS4/WS6/WSA2 XP

Product Details
Material: MF PETG/ABS
The adapter with speaker and headphone output for WS4 / WS6 / WSA2 XP is the perfect addition to your metal detecting gear. This headphone adapter is specifically designed for easy mounting on a rod, providing you with a full-fledged device complete with sound control.
With both speaker and headphone outputs, you have the flexibility to choose your preferred listening method. Whether you want the privacy of headphones or the convenience of the built-in speaker, this adapter gives you the best of both worlds.
Experience enhanced sound control and convenience with our WS4 / WS6 / WSA2 XP headphone adapter. It's the ideal accessory for maximizing your metal detecting experience.

Attention! The sound is quieter than the Original control device.

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